The World Bank Group/World Bank Corporate Scorecards were endorsed in April 2014 to monitor the implementation of the World Bank Group Strategy, which was launched in July 2013. The Strategy outlined how the World Bank Group intended to partner more effectively with clients to help them achieve the ambitious goals of eradicating extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity through economic growth, inclusion, and sustainability and resilience. The Scorecards provide an overarching view of the results and performance indicators of the three World Bank Group institutions: the World Bank (WB), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA). This website and brochure present the Scorecards updated with the latest data available in Fiscal Year 16.

The Scorecards are structured in three tiers.


Where applicable, the Scorecards’ indicators are disaggregated by gender and fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCS), in recognition of the importance the World Bank Group Strategy placed on these categories.

For each indicator in the Scorecards, a baseline value was set when the Scorecards were first released. In addition, performance indicators (Tier 3) included targets and performance standards, where feasible, to reinforce the World Bank Group’s commitment to accountability, provide a vision of where the institution aspires to be, and strengthen the focus on achieving results.

Next year’s update will complete the 4-year cycle of the current Corporate Scorecards. The October 2017 CSC update will take stock of the achievements and the October 2018 WBG CSC will debut with updated indicators.